I consider running as my passion. Every time I hit the road, I meet my inner child.

Even I decide not to run, I run.

Motivation has its own role, and habit has its own role. Running has become my habit.

My mind and body crave for run. It pains, if I don’t run.

I started running in early 2016 to overcome a lifestyle disease. Slowly, it became a part of my day to day life.

When I started, running 400m in a stretch was a challenge for me. Now, I strong finish a 100km race. So far, I have run more than 6000 kms and cycled more than 3500 kms. This includes several small, big competitive races.

In 2018, I ran more than 4000kms. Now, my focus is Ultra running – track, road and trail. where I will be running 50k, 80k, 100k, 161k, 12h, 24h etc. races.

In the end, I would say that I have decoded the secret of happiness in life and that’s running. I urge my fellow Toastmasters to give a place for running in your day to day life. Run, happiness will run after you.

Running regards,


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